HAE – Hire Association Europe

Hire Association Europe is the UK’s internationally recognised body for the development of the hire and rental industry

Contact details

2450 Regents Court
The Crescent, Birmingham Business Park
Solihull, B37 7YE

Telephone: +44 0121 380 4600
Email: enquiries@hae.org.uk
Website: https://www.hae.org.uk/

Social media

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800+ members (rental companies and associate supplier companies) based in the UK, Ireland and globally. Event Hire Association forms a part of HAE.

Services to members

· Sector terms & conditions
· Hire Certification Services including SafeHire Certification Scheme and Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) approval certification
· Safety guidance leaflets
· Best Practice guides and bulletins
· Industry materials and merchandise
· Publicity
· Legal advice
· Training and Virtual Reality offer
· Public affairs
· Financial advice
· Insurance services
· Advice to members

Activities, Events and Resources

· Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) data online tool
· Supplier sustainability scheme: Hire Industry Trusted Supplier (HITS)
· Events: Hire Awards of Excellence
· HR: jobs portal Careers in Hire
· Publications: Interface On Hire magazine
· Online events and webinars

See the latest updates, resources and best practices from HAE

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